Friday, 2 March 2012

Your Pics In Android Smartphones Are Unsafe!

Yet another glitch has been discovered in Android smartphones which allows third-party developers to access users' photographs without their permission. This glitch has been discovered in an investigation launched by NY Times. A similar flaw was discovered recently in iOS apps.

The fact that the glitch is similar to that of iOS cannot be denied but situation may be worse in case of Android devices. The reason being the apps on Android platform have the right to connect to the Internet. So the photos on an Android smartphone can be accessed and uploaded on a remote server without any notice or permission. It remains unclear if any existing Android apps are doing this but the possibility to do so is surely there. 

However, Google says that this feature was intentional in Android phones and relic from when images were more commonly stored on SD cards. The company argues that the photo file system in Android was designed to be similar to other platforms like Mac OS and Windows. But with the evolution of phones and tablets depending more on built-in non-removable memory they will take another look at this feature.

Apple has not fixed the issue so far in its devices but the tips suggest that a fix is in the working. Google, on the other hand, says that it is considering a fix for the issue.