Sunday, 26 February 2012


I like using Linux than windows.
Linux is better than Windows.
Now I'm Using Linux Ubuntu.
reviews says that the GNOME OS Ubuntu is more better than the Microsoft's latest OS Windows 7. these are the following factors,

*Ubuntu is free to use and then whats the need of buying a costly OS like W7
*Ubuntu can be downloaded through the internet for free or you can request the CD free
*Ubuntu provides free updates and fixes for atleast 18 months
*now Ubuntu OS supports more drivers
*Compatively Ubuntu is faster and requires less memory than Win7
*the last,but not the least.. Ubuntu is free of viruses.

it also spread the message to use free open OS and softwares.

guys,i hav tried the Ubuntu and i felt more smooth and comfort handling with this.Ubuntu is easy to install and use..

if u need then check this link Latest Ubuntu